Parish notice boards closed

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In recent weeks the fair village of Black Triangle has been attacked by flyposters. Instead of the occassional notice posted by a visitor, there have been posters informing passers by about various sordid subjects such as: Black Jack, Poker, diet pills, cheap loans, and various solutions to supposed sexual inadaquacies. Are there really people who worry about the volume of seminal fluid they administer to their sexual partner?

Obviously, such products are not suitable for the villagers of Black Triangle.

In fact, it has become common for the village warden to wake up and see hundreds of flyposters strewn all over the common, in the village hall, and even over the homes of local celebrities. Obviously this reflects badly on the village, so the warden has been scraping off the lurid posters, while attempting to avoid obliterating a comment from more thoughtful tourists to the area.

However, the village warden, in his unpaid capacity, is far too busy spend his days wandering the cobbled and ancient streets of Black Triangle looking for such vandalism. Therefore, the Parish Council has decided to remove notice boards from the older properties in the area, until a suitable method of dealing with these “electronic hoodies” has been discovered.

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Comment from Gimpy Mumpy
Time 27/6/2005 at 5:39 pm

Grrrrrrrrrr……..It seems we cannot escape the Spam Artists. Have you read about the BigFat Co advertisers that pose as people on the street but are really spreading “buzz” about a product?? I believe it is time to move to the center of the earth, any takers?