New design and purge

By AnthonyLast updated: Monday, July 18, 2005 • Save & Share6 Comments

The site re-design has led to some changes in the links here. There is now a list of friends’ websites.

I’ve also purged any links to blogs which have mindlessly trotted out the apologist line for the bombings in London last week. People have a right to their own opinions, but I will not be part of their attempt to propagate what Orwell would have called “objectively pro-fascist” memes about terrorism.

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6 Responses to “New design and purge”

Comment from john b
Time 18/7/2005 at 4:25 pm

Don’t remember writing a single word of apologism, but heigh ho… Perhaps “anyone who isn’t right-wing” might be a more apposite choice of words.

Comment from john b
Time 18/7/2005 at 4:26 pm

(sorry, unfair: I see you’ve left in Nick B and B&W, alongside the Old and New Right).

Comment from site admin
Time 18/7/2005 at 8:52 pm


I was going to purge the Liberal Democrats later.

I’ve never had a policy of just linking to blogs I politically agree with, and hence the right wingers there. Still, I’d drop them in a flash, if they were apologists for any sort of fascism be it the BNP or Al Qaeda.

There are a number of left wing websites (Geras, PooterGeek, Harry’s Place, the Popinjays, Kamm, etc) listed – who refrain from the current fashion of the politics of reaction. I heartily recommend them to you.

Comment from john b
Time 18/7/2005 at 11:28 pm

As I always ask when people make this kind of assertion, I’d strongly appreciate any indication of when I’ve been apologistic (mindlessly or otherwise) towards the fanatical murdering bastards.

This very much isn’t in line with my beliefs, and so far nobody has actually managed to point me towards anything I’ve said that justifies the accusation (apparently when David T levelled it today, it was because a changeling John B was besmirching my good name…)

Comment from site admin
Time 18/7/2005 at 11:31 pm


I wasn’t aware that I’d named you.

Comment from john b
Time 19/7/2005 at 12:04 am

Sorry. I assumed that because I was on your blogroll for a while, and now am not, that I was purged as part of this operation rather than for other sins of commission or omission…