Miles to fall

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Although I have a mountain bike, cycling on a bike along the edge of a cliff has never really appealed to me. Falling off a bike is bad enough on the flat. With the wonders of modern technology you can see what happens when you make a mistake on a narrow track above a ravine in this splendid video footage. Miles, the unfortunate cyclist, did manage to save his bike and his composure. More importantly, while Miles’ was falling his friends maintained a high quality commentary…

Eric: Oh fuck,…Thats a hell of a drop Miles
Miles: I know it thats why
Eric: Oh shit that a hell of a drop
Eric: There went my derailuer again
Eric: Be careful thats a hell of a ..Up
Eric: Oh shit
Bill: Oh My..
Eric: Oh no
Eric: Oh Fuck
Eric: Oh Hell
Eric: Oh Shit

Miles: Oh Fuck ME (While still rolling down the hill)

and even issued useful health advice:

Eric: Sit down one minute Miles until you know everthing is connected.

Thankfully, Miles also managed to retain his life.

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