Zheng Xiaoyu

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Some time ago I mentioned that the former head of the Chinese Food and Drug Administration was to be executed. In the end the following happened:

  1. He received 7 years in imprisonment for the charge of dereliction of duty.
  2. All his personal property was confiscated.
  3. He has been deprived of his political rights for life (political rights in China?).
  4. Oh, and he has been executed.

China undoubtedly has a problem, which they export. Executing scapegoats is not going to solve it, although it is probably effective at deflecting attention away from the Chinese government and any systematic failings of state regulation.

One Response to “Zheng Xiaoyu”

Comment from Tom Gerosolina
Time 13/7/2007 at 9:02 pm

You got to hand it to the Chinese; they know how to handle corrupt officials.

How many corrupt officials have the United States executed? He did not even steal a million dollars. I wonder how many of our corrupt officials will be executed for a million plus in brides?

I wonder how fast the corruption will stop once we start executing corrupt officials.

Tom Gerosolina