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Lunatic Adj.

1. an archaic word for insane.

2. foolish, eccentric; crazy.

3. Noun. Person who is insane.

4. Person who lies in the Arizona desert to bath in the moonlight in order to heal a disease.

History C13: Via Old French from Late Latin Lunaticus crazy, moonstruck, from Latin Luna Moon.

Genius Noun.

1. A person with exceptional ability, esp. of a highly original kind.

2. Such ability or capacity; Mozart’s musical genius.

3. A man who makes money from moonlight

Note: Interstellar Lighting Applications Inc “is committed to promoting the understanding of the use of true, natural, and celestial light and to maximize their applications in an active partnership with the medical, scientific, and academic communities.” In addition: “Studies reveal that certain single-celled bacteria can be revived from dormant or “dead” states by a measured exposure to moonlight. Ayurvedic healing therapies rely on coral calcium that has been treated by exposure to moonlight for 15 days. Terrestrial and aquatic plants and other species have long been studied for their distinctive responses to moonlight.” Wow! I’m sold.

Arizona’s a long way to go for a bit of moonlight. So why not buy a Moonstone pendant “infused with intensely concentrated moonlight – offering you the ability to take this transformational and healing energy with you anywhere and experience it in any moment of your life”?

A snip at $166.51.

(Lunacy via Bad Science).

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