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A report in The Independent notes that measles is now endemic to the UK. Incidently they include a picture of a child and mother being threatened with a vaccine, why not a picture of a child with measles? Ben Goldacre comments.

I cannot believe the mainstream media are trying to blame this on Wakefield instead of themselves. This is beneath contempt.

The Independent seem amazing blind to the media’s influence. They wrote this in March of this year:

One of the greatest puzzles of the saga is what has sustained this level of mistrust in the medical authorities. Unlike most scientific controversies which flare up and die away, this one has simmered for a decade – and is now to be fired up again by the GMC case.

In 2004, they stated in a leader the following about Wakefield:

Are we wrong to detect the distant whirr of the same spin spin machine that so recently set about destroying the reputations of David Kelly, Andrew Gilligan and others?

In other news Oliver Kamm notes Melanie Phillips’ poor performance on MMR vaccine and intelligent design. Her continued reporting on MMR vaccine, her reliance on far-right junk science journals, and her views on science in general, mean that any statement on any matter is probably suspect if it involves logical thought. She may have been a great journalist in the past, she won the Orwell Prize for journalism in 1996, but I wouldn’t trust her to accurately tell me if it was raining. The rain is probably a scientific conspiracy to sell umbrellas or something.

They say as you get older you move from the left to right, Melanie Phillips seems to be taking that extra step further to lunacy.

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