Lydia Pinkham Cure All #3

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Lydia Pinkham Cure All #3

Lydia Pinkham Cure All #3
twenty five photograms
Michelle Charles, 2001.

This piece of art resides in The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain’s headquarters in London. Each photogram is in its own frame on the wall. I’ve coloured in the gaps between the pictures, since it gives more of an impression of how it looks insitu than the original picture I took last week. The student BMJ describes them as follows:

The ?photograms? in this free exhibition, entitled Secret Remedies, have been created by placing the old bottles of ?Lydia E Pinkham’s medicine? between a light source and light sensitive paper. The resulting white on black silhouettes seem not unlike x ray images?suggesting the penetration of those medical myths that are embodied in the bottles of ?quack? cure alls.

The Museum of menstruation and Women’s Health (no, really) has more on Lydia Pinkham and normal pictures of her bottles. In case you were wondering (go on, be honest you were) she was the Lily the Pink:

We’ll drink a drink a drink
To Lily the Pink the Pink the Pink
The saviour of the human race
For she invented medicinal compound
Most efficacious in every case.

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